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MOON BEYOND is a crew, a family, a group of dreamers. Together, our strengths
optimize our creative output. We pioneer the unknown...

Our crew is the force that you can trust to take your company forward.
Artists at the Core

Discovery of technology propelled us to space. Discovery of art brought us together. At MOON BEYOND, we are all passionate about visuals from the art director to the technical specialist.


We work hard to make visuals that are beautiful and true to your business. With all the fancy tools we have on deck, it’s not difficult to get carried away, but we won’t... not unless you ask.

Space Buds

Space is not a place to go without friends. At MOON BEYOND, we work well together, because we play well together.


introducing our talented crew


Creative Director
The Pilot of our ship, Salehin Nobi handles all of the direction and visuals.

"Wait! My hair is in my eyes"


Full Stack Designer
The Bridge officer, Kristoffer Hynynen is our Jack of all trades crew mate.

"Where's the party at?"


Editor in Chief
The Charter of Moon Beyond, Neal Ken Mercado, takes care of the writing and leads the marketing.

"Guys, It's 9 30, I have to go home"


Technical Director
The Mechanic, Igor Trushevsky tackles the development and maintains the ship.

"The Igler obliges"

MOON BEYOND is a crew, a family, a group of dreamers. Together, our strengths
optimize our creative output. We pioneer the unknown...

Our crew is the force that you can trust to take your company forward.

Like the beginning of many enterprises, Moon Beyond started with a simple idea. To bring together multiple skill sets in order to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Although our creative fields may be different our most common interest is innovation, from artistic endeavors to new developments in media and web design. Confident in one another’s skills and knowing how much fun we could have working as a collective of like minded individuals and friends, we began a project that could display all the that we have to offer. That project has produced the website you are navigating now. Welcome to Moon Beyond.

Blasting on all creative cylinders, we are right on course and have put together a diverse portfolio with some amazing clients. The team we have put together is special and being able to work with each other on projects we are passionate about is challenging and fulfilling. The workplace is charged with different ideas and the openness of our process allows us to create some superb content. While we are eager to work with as many businesses as possible, we have also learned how to manage our workload, ensuring that we devote maximum time and effort into each project and not neglect one for the other. We want to continue to deliver products that are not only exceptional but also on time. We are constantly raising the bar for each other, and looking forward to the next client and project, for more creative work. The journey continues.

Our trajectory is looking past the moon and going beyond it. In order to achieve that jump, innovation is key. By working with creative minds in other fields we will expand our current knowledge of design and explore ways to deliver new and exciting content. Ultimately we want to build a ship that is inexhaustible, and have the ability to traipse through different dimensions in space. We will create content across several different forms of multimedia, assisted by a large network of creatives and we'll never have our tank short on inspiration. In the future we would also like to give back to the artistic community by mentoring, having workshops and giving presentations. We are looking forward to putting our flag down on the unknown.

Stand out from the clusters

the voyagers

List of our clients

Condo Concierge
Shazam Fitness
Transform in Motion
Wrong Turn
Nolan Buerle
Luna & Luna Vista

Monster Factory
Lotus Herring
Running Violet
Life Goes On
Color Shadow
Terra Scollard Developments

Superfood Eateries
Green Cities
Moss Writer
Cumberland Studios
Digital Labyrinth

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