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Green Cities

Lighiting Retrofit Program
"What upgrades can I make?"

Project Description

Green Cities was one of the first Green Initiative companies that we have worked with, and we are honoured to be their creative force. They are a retrofit program that works with condominiums and other commercial buildings to replace energy outlets such as lighting, air conditioning and others that are costly and damaging to the environment. Working with a green initiative that cares about the future, we wanted to show a friendly face when doing their branding, but also show their professionalism.

We created clean and simple graphics for this project, that are straightforward and effective. The green cityscape that runs in the background points back to their name and their mission, which is to create an energy conscious city. Their logo is also subtle but clever, utilizing a LED light which represents their brand. The shade of green is light and friendly and the neatness of the shapes and spacing symbolize a clean and unpolluted world.

We also worked on their marketing creating info-graphics, folders, and cards, all of which are branded and presented professionally. The green cityscape once again runs throughout all the stationary and the light sources that appear in different corners of the page show direction. Being one of our first green projects we were very happy with how this one turned out, and we hope to work on other similar initiatives!

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