Monster Factory

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Monster Factory

Plush Toy Makers
"You Can Never Have Too Many Friends"

Project Description

Monster Factory is a downtown Toronto based company that designs and handcrafts original stuffed plush toys. They have invented a world of unique, fun and quirky characters that while are a great toy and collectable for children, appeal to more mature audiences as well. Having worked more personally with their company for a few years this project is one we’ve seen form and grow and take great pride in being a part of.

The personality of a creative company like monster factory was easy to show off. We were provided with a ton of original artwork, and great stories. Working together, we were able to produce a website that showcases the vibrant palettes and playful shapes and great sense of humour that go into producing their plush toys.

We chose to keep the layout simple and easy for users to look through the monster factory catalogue. This puts the products at the forefront with minimal background and leads users to learn more about the different characters which don’t really need help to sell themselves. Working with company that knows exactly what direction they want to go was extremely fun, the inspirations came easy and executing the ideas was straightforward.

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