Running Violet

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Running Violet

Alternative Rock Band

Project Description

Running Violet is an ambitious Toronto based Indie band. A frequent headliner at the likes of Horseshoe Tavern, Cameron House and The Silver Dollar Room. However they don't shy from the big stages such as The Opera House and unique events like playing at The R.O.M for New Years. We were matched up with the band when they were still figuring out who they were. They had the sound, but they needed an equally compelling image.

We wanted to capture the movement of their sound and their name. The brush strokes, with italicized lettering always provide them with a direction, and the heavy font adds their gravitas. We had the pleasure of constructing their full visual story for their debut to the Toronto music scene. Starting from mood-boards to their logo, from album covers to tickets, from printing on their bass drum down to their website, a complete look coinciding with their first album: "You could be dancing".

For the website we wanted to keep it a simple vertical scrolling site, separating each section with the strokes and colors; further emphasizing the playfulness and movement of the brand. To start things off we hit the viewers with an adaptive web version of their Debut Album Release Poster just when they land. Giving Running Violet the larger than life presence they deserve.

Designed by Moon Beyond Creative