Condo Concierge

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Condo Concierge

Premium Amenities Provider
"It's Time For A Change"

Project Description

Condo Concierge provides professional hotel amenities and security services for higher end clients. Their company takes pride in its finesse and ability to oversee entire buildings facilities and have them running smoothly and efficiently. For this project we wanted to focus on the elegance and class that condo concierge represents.

We had a lot of fun playing with different accent colours in order to produce a sophisticated and stylish look befitting of a company that caters to professional clients . Accents of gold, platinum and diamond create an exclusive looking presentation while the thin letters and lines on a dark indigo background bring energy and an elegant shine. The subtlety of the logo, two C’s that form a concierge bell, further illustrates the kind of sophistication associated with Condo Concierge.

Visually this project was great practice in exploring complementary colours and ways we could emote a high-class feel. The logo went through many iterations before we settled on the final shape and colour, which we felt gave the brand just a little friendlier face. Being one of our first clients we were quite happy with the overall look of the site.

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