Editorial Vol. 1

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A Collection of our small to mid size Editorial Designs all in one place

Editorial Vol. 1

Brochures | Magazines | Postcards | Flyers
Small to Mid size Editorial Design

Project Description

Some of our best mid to small size Editorial Designs. From brochures to magazines to postcards to flyers. We don't always work on full scope Cases, sometimes we are there just to add that Moon Beyond flare to a certain section of a project. A client with their branding and website needs met will still require marketing materials, stationary, packaging, info-graphics etc. We make sure to extenuate the brand; find places where it had the potential to reach but haven't gotten there yet, and take it there.

Starting with the concept and providing Art direction, adding layers to the branding and seeing it through to the production phase, we are there every step of the way to provide a full service identical to our full scope cases. Some of the products here are excerpts of a larger case that we took in, such as Condo Concierge, Innofit, Lotus Herring. Feel free to take a look at those projects and see how the Editorial piece fits in as a whole.

Hope you guys enjoyed this collection.

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